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15-40 New Grants per day


Federal, State & Foundation Grants

Access to 28,000 Grants





What does do?

At Grants For You, we specialize in curating grant candidates and facilitating the grant application process for businesses and non-profit entities. Our unique approach includes connecting clients to relevant grants and partnering with them to fill in business gaps, ensuring seamless applications, tracking, and reporting.

What is the normal or average lead time for the grant process?

At Grants For You, our expertise lies in tailoring the grant application process to the unique characteristics of each client. We always prioritize grants that are offering awards at the earliest possible timeframe. It is important to note that Foundations, for example, often meet at set times during a year, yet they welcome applications year-round. We understand the intricacies of this timeline and advise allowing three to six months from application submission to funding acquisition for such opportunities. For federal or state grants, we recommend anticipating a longer timeline, typically ranging from six to nine months.

How is Grants For You paid?

We ensure a transparent and straightforward invoicing process in two steps:

1. Initially, we invoice the customer a small fee for curating a custom list of appropriate grants from the tens of thousands available. This fee is paid at the start of the project.

2. Subsequently, upon uploading the grant application(s), we send a second small fee invoice.

In addition to these fees, we operate on a grant administration model, where we are compensated with a grant administration fee directly from the grant. Furthermore, where applicable, a small success fee is also billed directly from the grant, ensuring a seamless and fair payment structure for our services.

Do you write grants for non-profits?

Yes! Increasing success for non-profits is important to us because it strengthens individuals and communities.

Do you write grants for businesses?

Yes! One of the founding principles in Grants For You is to expand businesses into new markets, develop new products and technologies, increase revenue, and add staff to existing companies.

What are the three most important elements for a successful grant application?

1. Mission Alignment – We meticulously assess the compatibility of the grant with the customer’s project and business goals, focusing particularly on post-award reporting obligations.

2. Timeliness – Adequate preparation time is essential to ensure smooth assembly, review, and submission of the grant, requiring initiation days or weeks prior to the application deadline.

3. Communication – Timely and comprehensive client responses are imperative. Adhering promptly and thoroughly to grant requirements is crucial to avoid any delays in the application process.

Is there a grant application sequence?

Here are the general steps:

  • Compile Project/Business Profile
  • Conduct Preliminary Search
  • Generate Candidate Sources Report
  • Draft Grant Application(s)
  • Submit Grant Application(s)
  • Monitor Progress to Award
  • Fulfill Post-Award Reporting
What is the discovery process for finding and finalizing grant candidates?

1. Our Grant Acquisition Specialists employ advanced grant search and filtering software, customizing filters to match the client’s entity status, mission, fiscal objectives, and desired timeline. This process involves curating a list of potential candidate grants, typically taking one to two weeks. During this research period, clients are provided with a list of required questions and documents, crucial for the application process. It’s important to note that without these documents, we cannot proceed with grant applications.

2. Subsequently, the Grant Acquisition Specialist selects the top three grant candidates and develops a personalized presentation for the client.

3. A pre-scheduled 30–60-minute online meeting is organized between the Grant Acquisition Specialist and the client to present and obtain approval for the curated grant candidates.

4. Upon client approval and satisfaction, the Grant Acquisition Specialist facilitates the connection between the client and their designated Grant Development Specialist, who will then proceed to curate, write, and complete the grant applications.

What are some of the post-award activities?

1. Read, understand, and execute the terms of the Notice of Award.

2. Plan the reporting effort (quarterly or yearly).

3. Deploy funds per the terms and conditions of the grant.

4. Manage the milestones.

5. As appropriate, plan for next grant(s). Repeat the success.